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Re: reverse breathing

Careful... the beer might be speaking...

Reverse breathing? Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!!! Is that like flail chest?

To inhale, one MUST decrease the pressure within the lungs so that it is below the air pressure outside. this is done by expanding the rib cage via the intercostal muscles and by contracting the diaphragm, reducing the pressure between the layers of the pleura, which in turn pulls on the lungs, causing them to expand, reducing the air pressure in the pleura, causing air to flow in. At least - that's a quick summary of what I remember from DeVries and Guyton (physiology textbooks).

Reverse breathing sounds like something someone who didn't know squat about anatomy and physiology made up to explain something that he or she was doing, and then it got misinterpreted somewhere in the downstream lineage, and now people are trying to do things that go against breathing mechanisms that have been worked out over millions of years of evolution in all species that have lungs.

That other stuff - breathing out the reverse end.. well.. Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit... The more you eat the more you toot... The more you toot the better you feel, so eat Beans with every meal!!!

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