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Dan Richards
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Re: Tohei, Solo Practice, and Internal Training

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
I like the idea of the empty body...goes along with the empty mind and no weight on your feet.

Which fit perfectly with being very heavy and full of potential.

I also like the idea of uke being in the space that in less than a second I will be in.

I like the idea of blending and turning and entering as though uke is nothing and yet everything.
Hi Mary, what do you think about playing with this idea: How and why would you be - or want to be - "very heavy" when the body and mind are empty? How about being "light." Being full of light - instead of "potential."

Also, rather than moving into a space that uke occupies, you create a new space. A space where you both can exist in harmony. Uke is creating a space that says you have something they want, and the only way to get it is to come and kick your booty - and deprive you of your space and your booty. But you can create a space in which everyone gets what they really want. Love. Harmony. Peace. And ice cream and cake and party hats.
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