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Re: The Empty Body

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It is beyond comical when people who have no real history or affiliation with Tohei Sensei, or O'Sensei begin to tell us what these two men did, said, or meant. These same people also seem to have an affinity for talking about what Dan Harden does or does not do without ever having met him, let alone trained with him. I simply ignore the "white noise" from those who claim things that is obviously beyond what they should ever claim, and continue to train with Imaizumi Sensei and Dan Harden. Like you, reality speaks a lot louder than the chatter in some people's posts.
Thanks Marc. It really does come down to that. The facts and anecdotes clearly point to the same thing, and you've got a great window in which to do the work.

I think, say in half a decade from now, it'll be a lot easier for IP/IS folks to take just about anyone who's passionate about aikido's martial aspects, assuming that person is half-interested in participating in the process, and map his/her current approach to the art; to Ueshiba's, Tohei's, et al's (pick proven aiki exponent of choice) methods and philosophies; to the IP/IS interpretations and logical roadmap for training in a manner that positively influences that person's approach to the art. If someone is a spiritual person, and seeks to further that aspect of himself/herself through training, then the clarity of the IP/IS approach, if anything, removes clutter that gets in the way of this aspect of "the way".

Then, add another half decade further out, and it won't be about IP/IS as distinct from aikido anymore in the corners of the art where IP/IS has long proved its validity -- whether during encounters when those seeking to experience the art graciously accept invitations to do so, or when they try to kick the door in.

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