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Re: Tohei, Solo Practice, and Internal Training

Yes, Mert, there are those who have felt, and experienced, and know the difference between the "K's" and the "A's." And I mean real "K's" - meaning "Constantinople," not the new ones with the big K decal on them.

Have people "felt" Ueshiba or Tohei, or any one of their "K" students? Because they both had "K" students and "A" students. Shoji Nishio was not only a "K" student of both Ueshiba and Tohei, but many of the top artists of the 20th century - including Yasuhiro Konishi, Shigenori Sano, and Takaji Shimizu.

It's surprising as the curtain comes up, and the propaganda machine breaks down, how many shihan and high-dan-ranked aikidoka, are, in fact, "A."

There are "K's" out there. But you've gotta listen, and, like you said - have tasted it, felt it, experienced it - to know the difference.

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