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Mert Gambito
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Re: The Empty Body

Graham Christian wrote:
I do not agree with such statements which try to equate Tohei's methods with daito ryu methods.

Tohei's for example is nothing to do with such methods and come from shin shin toitsu.
It's established that solo training to develop aiki has been done in Daito-ryu (by Sagawa and others) and aikido (by Ueshiba [who was an exemplary Daito-ryu practitioner] and Tohei in particular). So, isn't it reasonable to say that if Tohei was devoted to aikido, and Ueshiba (if not his son so much) seemed to acknowledge the approach and value of what Tohei was doing, then Tohei was combining the Daito-ryu-based approach he learned from Ueshiba with shin shin toitsu methods? Did Tohei ever expressly disavow the influence of Ueshiba's teachings regarding solo methods for developing the use of aiki/ki?

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