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Re: Ki and "Connective Tissue"

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
They come from the wise mind.
From Henry Ellis?

No, I've seen his many corrections to you.

Everyone who has trained with legitimate Japanese masters has disagreed with you.

Japanese dictionaries disagree with you.

O Sensei disagrees with you.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
The fact that Japanese kanji originates from chinese is pretty much irrelevant as English comes from Latin, greek, etc.
Mostly from German, which is not Latin based, mixed with French, which is.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
It's like someone wanting to prove you must understand the roman way because the words you use all come from there.
At least, one who does understand the roots has a better chance of speaking the truth than someone who is drawing from a vague, general mishmash of misinformation.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
No, how we use them here and now is what needs to be understood. How each Japanese used the words they used at the time is all that matters, not the chinese origins. This trying to turn all of Ueshiba's views into old chinese bagua type views is a great mistake in my view.
And O Sensei used terms and descriptions that are completely aligned with the old Chinese cosmology. Otherwise, why did so few of his students (all native speakers of Japanese) understand his words?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Now as I have said on numerous occasions understanding English is hard enough, especially when dealing with these kind of topics so I see clearly where others trying to translate such things can easily, and I mean easily go wrong.
We have hundreds of pages of your commentary and opinions to prove that, on this subject, at least, you are correct.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Kokoro is Japanese for heart. Xin is chinese for heart. Shin is Japanese and it's basic definition is not heart.
Grahama, I just looked it up in my Japanese writing textbook.

"Kokoro" is not even listed as a pronunciation. "Sin" (pronounced "sheen" because the Japanese pronounce "sh" but they spell it only with "s".

And the meaning of "shin" is "heart, mind, spirit."

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
So then the question is when can it be used to mean heart? Under which definition? In what context? So saying it means heart you are inferrring that's it's basic definition and also commonly used as such by Japanese by saying it's an alternate reading of kokoro. It's like saying spirit is love. Well spirit is spirit and love is love, one is obviously not the other.
Just stick to English, Graham, and none of this will bother you.

I have an eight-year-old and he frequently tells me "spelling doesn't matter," but I to point out to him that mis-spelling is misunderstanding. Does it matter if you spell "dog" as "d-o-g" or "g-o-d"?

As I said, "shoganai."

"That which has no substance can enter where there is no room."
Lao Tzu

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