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In my experience, most of AiKiDo study is about realizing that it is you who is preventing uke from falling and learning how to get out of their way.
This is where I've been trying to take my technique. I've realized that my job is to fit into the spaces around the technique that uke isn't in. I need to make the path I want uke to take, the easiest path for him to take. If I'm in his way at all he won't go there so I need to completely let go of the idea of holding that space and give it to him while completely owning my new space (as long as it's correct...which it often isn't yet)

I'm not sure any of that makes sense. Opher's comments just kind of knocked some random thoughts and ideas I've been having into some type of place. I was thinking about it as I was writing it so be patient with me

Thanks Opher, once again you've given me things to think about.

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