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Re: Ki and "Connective Tissue"

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
My statement was based on what you said about Ki 'feeling' and then the mind can only receive that feeling and organize accordingly. Thus Ki first. Then as you say mind being manifested or made from Ki equals once again Ki first.
No, the first is kokoro, from which ki comes into this world from non-existence.


Also pronounced "shin" or "xin," and often presented as "mind".

But the "mind" required for martial arts is not pure kokoro, but kokoro (heart) balanced by the "wise" mind, the combination creating "yi" or "i".

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I'm quite happy reading your explanations as it shows me also your progress and note how your reality of Ki is improving. I notice you are using the term 'feeling' too which not too long ago only a few of us on here used. All good.
I remember it mostly from the ones saying "It has to be felt."

Of course, I said in my 1/5/2011 post on "Ki Eureka" that ki is the part of our consciousness that "feels" independent of the nerves.

I mean...two people can say the same thing, more or less, but only one might know what he's talking about. So I always listen very carefully.


"That which has no substance can enter where there is no room."
Lao Tzu

"Eternity forever!"
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