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I thought the name of the thread was a typo... Shrinkage ryu.

That's how out of it I am tonite
It's a little known, actually quite well hidden, which is really in plain sight, that there are two schools practicing deadly ancient marital arts: Mucho shrinkage ryu and Mucho no-shrinkage ryu. They both have internal practice of yin yang, in yo ho, often out yo ho, and sometimes hi dee ho. They also practiced kitadama by chanting "hi ho! hi ho! off to work we go!" What has not been known, which is to say of acknowledging made up facts, that these two schools have been waging a secret war since the beginning of time, which meant yesterday, or closer to the day before today when i read this post. The conflict started when phi the barbarian, wearer of religious short, which has been of late very holes, accidentially, so he claimed, dried a load of delicates internal gi of the Mucho no-shrinkage ryu's high priestess that also known as the wife, bearer of bad tiding during the games, holler of taking out the garbage. The high priestess voice had increased several octave to the level of shattering nerves that produced major wincing affects on the high priest of the other ryu which also happened to be phi, the wearer of holy short, which soon be the wearer of crapping in my short.

"What did you do to my expensive Victoria Secrets stuffs ?!!!" High priestess holler.
"Look at this! Look at this!" continued the priestess in stuck record fashion. At which point the high priest made the mistake of openning his yap,
"I am looking! What is it?"
"It's my favorite Victoria Secrets! It cost $100! You shrank it, you idiot!" high priestess still at extreme range of sonics boom.
At which point the high priest made another tactical error and replied,
"$100 for that?! and you yelled at me for the palm size hand twisted activating cordless screw driver for $50!" the high priest also wondered how did she knew his secret middle name "yuidiot".
While too busy with his own thoughts, he did not noticed the high priestess employed an ancient thermic technique which sucked the head from the room, and drop the temperature to the hell-freeze-over degree Celcius. The high priest, for whatever reason, is denser this time which cuased him to keep open his yap, and said thing along the dmz line,
"I thought most women want their Victoria Secrets small to the point of disappearing!" The high priest continued lamenting why called Victoria Secrets when most the stuffs exposed a great deal, the kind of which should be, in many cases, hidden and thrown away the key, lest visage counternance of such things caused men to go mad at first sight. At which point the high priest's thought was rudely interupted by a pitcher of ice water which the high priestess has deposited down the high priest's holy short. This water boarding action, aye violating certain Geneva convention, thus caused unholy terror to the high priest where he loudly used high level kotodama "AAAIIIIEEEEOOOOO...." and realized that his unholy staff of priestly office had shrunk to nothing. However, true to his priestly nature, he yelled out, "what about our schedule duel of unholy alliance tonight?!" to this the high priestess reponded, still at extreme sonic boom, "You can duel with Rosie the priestess of Palms!"
The high priest groaned loudly, "AGAIN?!!!"

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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