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Re: Passed my First test (rokkyu ) yellow belt

In mine, they're usually happy if you generally remember the names of the techniques and their general shape for your first test.

Generally everything later is just different levels of refinement.

Kids are often promoted faster in many arts and schools. It both motivates them and brings in revenue from testing fees. Adults are often assumed to be able to motivate themselves. This allows for more time to refine technique and for each level to actually mean something.

In my own case, I don't think much of testing as an end in itself. Rather, each test provides and opportunity to focus on and increase the intensity (in every sense of the word) of practice in preperation for the test. The test itself is just showing off your skills and your pride in your teachers, peers, and school.

I was looking at Wing Chun awhile back. I find it interesting. It has concepts that remind me of the form of pentjak silat I used to train in. That's not a surprise though, there are rumors of chinese (non-kuntao) influence in it and they definately ripped off a couple sensitivity drills!
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