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Dan Richards
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Re: Questions after first day of training in Aikido

Hey, John, welcome. What's you're experiencing is pretty typical for people, especially guys, in their mid-twenties, after they've been out on their own for a for years. The diet is mostly carbohydrates - pizza, pasta, cake, etc. - and not a lot of real nutrition. Get some more protein and fats, many with no carbs - meats, cheese, eggs, cream. Get at least some veggies, especially dark green leafy, and some tomatoes. A Greek salad is good stuff. : ) And take a multi-vitamin. If you can eat rice and beans a couple of times a week, that combination contains all the amino acids (proteins) that the body doesn't produce.

3-4 drinks a week can actually be healthier than no drinks. So, enjoy yourself. What you're dealing with is more of a vitamin and mineral deficiency - which is one of the reasons you're bruising more easily. It also account for the mild depression you've experienced. And it's very typical for people your age. What's also typical at your age, is that you start feeling the effects of being sedentary and a crap diet, and you clue in to the idea that it's time to do something about it.

The rest of it is just because a lot of the movements are new, and you're moving inefficiently. Take it easy, and give your body time to repair between training. 2-3 times a week is perfect in the beginning.

Good to see you discovered aikido - which can keep you body, as well as your mind, nice and active. You'll also notice as you use your body more in the trainings, that your desire for different foods will change. Start by looking at food more as "fuel" and get the right kinds. Listen to your body. It's surprisingly intelligent, and will give you cravings and signal you to eat different foods at different times. Listen to it.

Good luck in your aikido journey, and the exploration of new levels of your life.
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