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graham christian
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Re: Good distance ?

Hi Lars.
I'm not going to mention body stucture but first will say that based on the definition I gave above then you could watch some videos of let's say boxing or taekwondo etc. and spot what's happening.

In boxing for example notice how they basically circle each other on the maai line and then virtually 'jump' in and out of the circle. The art of moving in and out of distance. Now I'm not going to say in boxing they do this and that to do with weight distribution because there are different styles of boxing.

If you notice the 'dancers' virtually float in and out whilst Tyson certainly didn't so the point is to watch and see the differences.

Taekwaondo people tend to bounce in and out.

One thing I'm sure of though in all styles is that they are taught to remain centred or centre balanced at all times.

All those arts are based on continuous motion. Others like wrestling or even judo are already inside maai but they don't really have striking. So you could say the have smaller distances and circles to take note of. Another difference with those would be they 'earth' their energy more for what they do so you would have different emphasis there.

However all in all it's best to look and study the different things yourself and see when 'a' is done and when 'b' is done and notice why?

I'm sure someone who does one of the other arts can tell you their views of weight distribution etc. or I hope they can. Good luck.

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