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Re: Applications of munetski and menetski kotegaeshi

My question was: What other applications of menetski and munetski kotaegasehi are there? I went on a rant about other stuff, but that's the question.

For example, we practice alot of Jo and bokken work. With techniques like shinonage, we learn how it came from a sword cut across the belly and then down in a shomen cut. We learn jo work and apply that to each technique. We learn tanto work and apply the same techniques (as stated above) as you'd do with hand. In fact, I think aikido came from jujitsu which came from sword techniques that some were adapated to hand and body movements.

Also I think that jujitsu was used as a last resort when the attacker in feudal japan ran out of other weapons as a last resort, I could be wrong. I really like the history of martiarl arts. So that's my question, how else can it be used, without punches!
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