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Applications of munetski and menetski kotegaeshi

I just passed my rokkyu test (first belt test from beginner white belt), or yellow belt, after 9 months of consistent training.

One thing my instructor my technique was best at (out of the 13 techniques) was the munetsuki and menetsuki kotegaeshi. Before the test we did a type of wing chung type movement where the hand hits the on coming punch, kind of like a swipe, and move sit off the center line, thus missing the person being hit.

I think this is a good idea, but this coupled with the cutting the arm down, while a great idea, I had trouble performing that part. I did very good with the regular tenkan munetsuki . However, to do this in real life (I study seidokan, its a bit more realistic type style training, so to speak. We try to make real life applications. So I try to make sense of it too...which is why I'm posting this) without moving the punch off my center line, correct me if I'm wrong, but as SOON AS they start to punch, I would have to be already beside them to tenkan and go into kotaegashi, due to the quick timing of the punch. In a real life scenerio, at my training, that's probably not practical, I hope it is, but I'm not sure I could.

Of course, the best thing to do is to run away. I was attacked, however, a couple months back very badly by my room mate. I got a hook punch to the side of the head, avoided the other attack, had to sweep him (without injuring him), and put him in a type of lung puncture knee pin. (without too much pressure, it was a dangerous pin). I knew some Aikido, I was well into 7 months of training, but my adrenaline was going, I had just come out of my room like every other day, while he charges out of his room suddenly as I get out of mine yelling "I'm going to KILL YOU!", then starts punching me wildly to the front and side.I didn't have time to think about Aikido. That's what I'm worried about. In a real life situation, right now, would I even be able to use any of my aikido to save my life? I'd hope so! If I have no other choice. And I really don't think that is the case.

At any rate, he hit me pretty hard on my right temple, I avoided his other hook punch , I sweeped him carefully so he wouldn't hit his head on the ground, and put my knee with my weight on his lung. I didn't even think of doing an Aikido pin. This put him out of breath pretty fast, and he gave him in about 15 seconds.

That's the thing, I could've probably just thrown him. But he was my room mate, I Probably would've gone to jail, and he's normally a great guy, very nice. He has some mental health issues, and was not thinking clearly that day. In the year I had lived there, he had not once even got into ONE argument with me. It was strange indeed.

So I guess my question is, assuming a real punch to the solar plex or face, and say I can't react fast enough to tenkan around, what if someone was holding a knife out, or perhaps a gun towards me ?

Knife I could probably just grab and go straight into kotaegaeshi and turn. The gun, if someone was really trying to shoot me, I was the only one in the room, and it was a life or death situation and I couldn't run away (this is obviously a worse case scenario, but I think it's good to at least think about these things, even in the extremely unlikely event) wouldn't in that case it make perfect sense to tenkan around him (avoiding the linear path of the bullet) and throw him, take the gun, and run fu?

My whole point is, and sorry I got off track, is this: What applicatinons can I use with munetski and menentski kotaegaeshi besides punches? Are there other aplications, with weapons, or anything else?
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