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Re: The Voice Steven Seagal interview

Steven's film career has waned over the last decade or so, his tv series True Justice seems to have been successful but he's nowhere near the Hollywood star he was back in the late 80s/early 90s. I think two things went against him, one his films have been very formulaic and two the rise of MMA has brought scrutiny and criticism over the realism of Aikido as a legitimate form of self-defence. It really annoys me the way in which MMA belittles traditional martial arts and implies they only work "in the movies".

I've never met Seagal before so I can't speak about his personality off camera but one of the things that inspires me is just how much time he dedicated to mastering Aikido. Seagal earnt his fame in Hollywood, he didn't just have the right look, he genuinely had the skills and knowledge to make a credible action movie star. It seems that celebrity doesn't mean as much today when you have "reality" stars; Seagal is an intelligent and talented person who put in the effort and paid his dues.
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