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Anyone have any advice on sizing of a Gi to take into account shinkage? I have purchased gi's from Iwata, Tozando, e-Budo and Bujin. Each shrank at least 1 size and some 1.5 to 2 sizes. Now before you post let me tell you I always wash them in cold and hang them to dry. But they still shrink. Personally I hate the 'unknown' factor of getting a gi that fits. I have also notice that sometimes a gi/model by a manufacturer shrinks differently even when I get the same size (of course there is a year between when I order).

Any thoughts?
Kent, I order mine from Asian World of Martial Arts, ( and I haven't had shrinkage issues with mine. I order the ProForce ones, and they're pretty inexpensive, and have shockingly held up quite well over the last year, especially since mine get thrown in the dryer with no regard to care. I do own 6 of them though, so even when I was training 5 days a week, each gi only got washed about once a week. Most of the guys in my dojo wear the Mugen Karate gi, but I really dislike the drawstring only on the pants. The ProForce ones I buy have an elastic waist with a drawstring. I have one of the Mugen tops, and I like it well enough, but the ties are thick, so it's hard to get a good knot to keep them closed well, although it hasn't shrunk much at all.

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