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The Empty Body

Thought I'd write this to show the difference between the spiritual discipline in Aikido used by some as different to the IP methods used by some.

It's easily summed up by saying the view of body is that it's empty. So not only empty mind but empty body too.

So no muscles or sinews or anything of the sort is even given any attention to whatsoever. The only thing you deal with is energy ways and energy motion and the principles thereof. Space ways and space motion and the principles thereof.

Let's take unbendable arm. It's nothing to do with anything physical at all actually apart from the 'shell' of the arm, the empty form. It's nothing to do with it being straight either. It's solely to do with the principles of energy flow.

Being an empty vessel means when another connects or grabs etc. their energy just enters your empty vessel thus it joins yours and goes where yours is going. That's the simplicity.

So the starting point is emptyness.

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