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Jeff Tibbetts
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Wow. Thanks everyone for so much response. Instead of replying to each and every post I think I'll go with the more general points that some of you made. First and foremost, I think some people interpreted this as being sort of a "shouldn't I want to hurt him or kill him" kind of thing, which it isn't. The fact is I don't want to hurt someone, but the suggestion remains that that person should be stopped, IMO. Calling the police honestly didn't occur to me at the time, again because oftentimes in American society the punishment that the attacker would receive is not likely to really discourage them, but may serve to make them "bitter at the system" and most likely encourage deviant behavior. Another thing I want to make clear is that I never meant to have you people simply enlighten me with Aikido's secret teaching on this matter, all I want is to create a discussion on the matter, and you bring what you have to the table. The fact this it isn't in books is obvious, and I'm finding more and more that mat practice is far superior knowledge than the reading. Most of what I've read so far has been more in line with what the history of Aikido is, not practice, and of course the teachings of O Sensei. I really wanted opinions, and I got them, thanks to all of you for that. Also, it's not as if I was asking you people to just answer the question for me, if there was an answer that simple I don't think the question would have bothered me. I do, however, feel that Aikido is meant to be far more than just a means of defense, if you choose to let it be. My goals may be different from many of yours, and that's fine, but one thing I like about Aikido is that at a certain level, it's a means to live a peaceful life, expressing love for all things. I think if your intentions are to be the most effective fighter and that's it than you may be better off in another art. That's fine, too. I researched many martial arts and found this one to be very different, even if it's hard to tell WHY. Anyway this post is getting long, I digress for now. Please, let's keep this discussion going.


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