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Re: The Voice Steven Seagal interview

I have always considered (and still do) Steven Seagal sensei as one of my main influences in Aikido. His undeniably clear and effective technique always stands out, it's what i'm trying to achieve in terms of waza.It's true he has made many wrong choices along the way but i prefer to view those choices as an example to be avoided, it keeps me aware and after all he is human.
I hate it how people are always ready to speak badly about him and about his weight when it's true that most of them are fatter than him and they never had his skills in aikido.Things have been said about him that, one would be unthinkable to dare say, for another 7th dan aikidoka, and that is very direspectful.
I have already seen the interview before this thread was made and I agree with almost all of the above posts.
Having done a great research about Steven Seagal sensei through many years (i have even written an article about him fo a martial arts magazine once) i've known all of the things he is talking about for many years and I think is great to have a recent interview where all of his Aikido background is summed up.
For most of the things he is talking about(like how tough his grading is, or how hard is his randori) are actually videos to prove it.
Most people always say that he is arrogant, but everytime I hear him speak always seem like a humble, modest Aikidoka to me, listen when he says "i'm still the guy in the corner trying to get his one foot in front of the other" or something like that.
And from personal contact with one of his earliest Uke i know that he is a great teacher and a person that can inspire you very much to follow through all the long road of Aikido training.
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