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The Voice Steven Seagal interview

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've been on here... long story short I am going to be emigrating to Japan later this year to marry my fiancee and start a new life with her. Once I've got myself sorted out and settled into married life I fully intend on carrying on my martial arts journey and believe this will be the right time to make the transition from AJJ to Aikido.

Anyway, back on topic not sure if anyone has seen this interview with Steven Seagal but it seems fairly recent.

I've only watched part one but Seagal talks about how he began Aikido and references several of his early teachers and speaks about his relationship to them. He talks about moving to Japan and his connection to O'Sensei and his students as well as his experience of using Aikido. The final question addresses the nature of his black belt gradings and while I feel the interviewer generalized in his estimation of modern gradings, it was interesting to hear how severe Seagal's gradings were. Overall I thought the interviewer was respectful and the tone of the interview genuine, showing appreciation for traditional styles of martial arts, which is refreshing. I thought Seagal spoke well and incorporated some technical Aikido language where appropriate. I'm sure across all 4 parts this is a fairly comprehensive interview. I always enjoy listening to Seagal and he continues to inspire me.

I am not as knowledgable as I'm sure many of you are with the Aikido instructors and masters Seagal cites in this interview but I will look forward to reading your impressions and opinions of Seagal's answers.
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