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Re: Moving to Aikido

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Hi everyone,

I hope this is in the correct place to post this question. What would it entail to switch from Ju Jitsu to Aikido in terms of curriculum, organization/s to join, rank conversion (if such a thing exists in Aikido circles)?

Many may wonder the reasons to change as opposed to continuing to teach Ju Jitsu.

1. A big reason is the politics I find in Ju Jitsu which is often prohibitive to furthering the art.
2. Another reason is that when I can I am introducing Aikido principles and techniques in my teaching.
3. Over the past years I have definitely moved away from the hard styles of Ju Jitsu to the gentler, more fluid styles and in my mind I have adopted more of the principled embodied in Aikido.
4. My curriculum loosely correlates to what I first learnt when I began but now has taken on a new, "gentler" approach.

So I put this out there to hear what you may think or suggest.

Stephen Sheasby
I think the first thing that makes sense to do is find a senior teacher who is part of an organization that can give you whatever organizational support you are looking for. Find somebody you get along with, see if you can get their help tweaking your skills and your curriculum. Take it from there.
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