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Re: Aikido and Budo

Hi George,

you wrote "A good part of what gives any Budo practice some "transformative" aspect is the intensity."... It would be my contention that the folks who allowed the art to change in this way were indeed making it over to reflect their own focus". But I do not sense that this is what you meant...

actually it is what I meant. and I agree with you but don't have an answer to the issue of (as I wrote above)

"ie if Aikido is to be inclusive of middle age 1X a week beginners/people with physical disabilities/people who's primary interest is the philosophy/health etc... (and this is the vast majority of tai chi also) then they have the same rights as the "serious" people. and what do you do?"

if we require intensity do we get rid of the students that can't or don't want to practice with more focus?

All my major teachers have also been direct students of O'Sensei. but when they'd have an older person, or someone with health issues come to class they all were gracious about allowing them to practice at the level that they could sustain. I think that it never occurred to any of them that this type of "comfortable" practice might become the majority, and what to do about it....
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