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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Ki and "Connective Tissue"

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Weeeelll, not really. The Chinese three internal harmonies are xin - yi, yi - qi and qi - li. Xin being the heart, whatever that may mean.
Alex, it depends on how you want to look at it.. The "pure" interpretation of the Three Internal Harmonies includes Xin in tandem with Yi, sort of a "conjoined twin" representing one of the Three Harmonies. There is slight difference between Xin (heart) and Yi (mind). Xin is the desire -- you have to have the desire to do something in order to take action to do it. It is not in itself an active condition, but it leads to one: Yi. Yi ("mind") is the intent, sparked by Xin. Yi is the active state that is the actual spark of physical initiation.

We can split hairs with terms, but in actual practice Yi-Chi-Li is the practical "short list" of the three internal harmonies, and we accept the conjoined presence of Xin with Yi.
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