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Re: Ki and "Connective Tissue"

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David Orange wrote:
Mike Sigman added something to that a while back that I think I understand now. Mind leads ki and ki leads body are only two harmonies. Aren't there supposed to be three?

The Chinese motto is Yi-Chi-Li. Mind (intent) leads Energy which leads/creates Power and its external expression by the body. In other words, mental intent is the driver that sparks the manipulation of opposing forces to create the energy that is converted to the power that drives waza.
I hope it didn't sound like I was trying to quote Mike or explain what he thinks. I was trying to frame some of what I was thinking relative "something" he said somewhere (and I have no idea where to look for the quote).

Mochizuki Sensei specified that ki itself has both yin and yang and that aiki to can be either yin or yang. In either case, I think it would still be a combination of yin and yang.

Please comment more on this.



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