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That said Hanwei released a sword series called the raptors. 5160 through hardened blades (so no grain, no "temper line" (a horribly incorrect term) and very little subtlety. Kind of course in blade shape and finish. The handles are blocky and boring. The fittings are blocky. The saya is kind of blocky and "one size fits all". But... They're inexpensive and seem relatively durable. Just remember you're not buying a Lexus here... But... I've put a few people in to those simply because I wasn't horribly worried about them being "unsafe". Just not exactly stunning looking.
Very helpful post Keith! I own and practice with a Raptor and I really think that it is the best choice in that price, for a martial artist. I have only two problems: First, i think that it should be a little heavier, it is even lighter than the Bamboo series of Bugei.

Second, the design of the tsuba tends to lightly injure my hand,perhaps i should hold it a little further from the tsuba. To be honest, I actually like its design generaly.Do you know if the steel for the Raptor is of less quality than the Bugei swords?

Now i'd like to ask you some questions,if you'd be so kind. I believe that it will be helpful not only for me, but also the whole thread.
I've been thinking about the Wave katana(without bo-hi) because it offers a bigger variety of choices.Do you happen to know its weight for the 28 inch blade? I was also curious about how wide its Noto is, and how wide is the side of the sword.
I am also interested in the Peace katana.Congrats for its design it's by far the most beautiful sword i've ever seen.Is there any chance for a version of it without the Bo-hi?
Finaly,i'd like to have your opinion on the Samurai katana of Bugei, because i believe that it has the proportionaly appropriate weight for me.

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