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graham christian
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Re: hand technique = strike technique

Nice try. Although I like translating the techniques into 'weapons' I found the way you put it above didn't give me enough of a clear concept.

Firstly as I see it problem number one would be the mind of who you are addressing. Some work better with 'painting by numbers' step by step. Some with a more descriptive method. Some with lines and axis etc.

Secondly would be the way the person reading is used to doing the technique as they all have versions.

So if the aim is a way where everyone gets it then that will never happen. However, if it's to show your way as clearly as you can then that's good.

My way of explaining for example is more descriptive ie: analogous to picturing yourself holding a sword and the position you are in and what you then do with sword. Thus showing the relationship to the technique. Meanwhile the way you describe above I would do only when doing actual sword work.

Peace G.
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