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G DiPierro
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Jeff Tibbetts wrote:
What I'm saying is, if done properly you shouldn't have to hurt someone too badlyİ But should you?


I sincerely doubt that someone with the moral looseness to attack another person in the first place is going to reconsider their life goals because they can't land a blow in your face without getting tossed or pinnedİ They'll more than likely actually take that agression out on someone else, which is even worse morallyİİİ this is why this is such a tough question for me, I keep getting deeper into itİ
Jeff, you said in your first post
Hello everyoneİ I'm very new to practiced Aikido, but I've been reading about it for a very long timeİ.
Therein lies your problem. You will never find the answers to the questions you pose above by reading. Aikido is not a written philosophy, it is a martial art. The only way to learn its philosophy is to practice it. Your questions are good ones, but neither I nor anyone else can give you the answers here. Some have tried, but it is impossible to explain these concepts verbally. That's why we practice budo. Keep asking your questions, but realize that the forum in which you will find your answers is not on the Internet but on the mat.
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