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Re: No-one wants to practice with me

Don't quit. Seriously. I don't know your age, your sex, your race - it may be bigotry. Maybe you are unskilled. Maybe you are too strong. Maybe you aren't part of the group, like you say.

But none of that is aikido. None of that is budo. Until you find a more congenial community, practice. You say you love aikido. What is it? People simulate attacks (uke) and you learn to deal with it. People put sometimes painful techniques on you and you learn to divert the force/pain with good ukemi, or even reverse it.

You have a dojo full of uke and in addition to nikkyo, you'll be learning keeping dignity. Maybe they'll come around, maybe they won't. But dignity is its own reward. Friendship is merely good fortune.

Keep practicing.

Ellis Amdur

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