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Re: Playing with Others

Just came back from a seminar in Sweden.
A lot of different people from all over the world. Some I only meet once a year over there in Stockholm. A lot of what you maybe call "socializing" (?): Being together, eating, talking, laughing, helping ... living together.
On the tatami we often use the term "to play with each other": Gentle, flexibel work, soft high falls, exploring each others body an movement. The teacher of the seminar also emphasizes the aspect of understanding aiki as helping each other grow and blossom. Very spiritual also: Stillness and movement as one.

So the seminar really was a "playing with others" experience - like it allways is - and there is no way of thinking about "defeating an attacker". Just working, living, practicing with each other. As one of the attendents uses to say: "Aiki makes people happy!"

From most of the partners I worked with over those days, I know that they do solo practice: Coming from daito ryu. Coming from Dan Harden's body work. Coming from Chinese MAs, coming form qi gong.
It is my experience, that doing solo practice makes playing with others even more enjoyable.
Because it's not about defeating, but about growing. And helping to grow.

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