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Re: Perhaps aikido does "work"!

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post

I see in the DM the guy admitted he had made the story up - sounds like a lot of Aikidoka I know of..

Daily Mail
John Wood has been fined for lying to police over the amazing story, which made national headlines.
At the time of the alleged attack, he proudly showed off the stomach wound he said they had given him - but now the origins of the injury are a total mystery.
The 37-year-old told police and reporters that he had been attacked by four men outside a takeaway in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, but managed to fight them off without even dropping the chips he had bought.

Henry Ellis
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(sigh)...well...on the bright side...Hilary DID get off the funniest line on aikiweb in ages thanks to this chap!

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