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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

Dear Alex,
If by chance you found my comments a bit rude /hurtful I apologise.If i were not interested or had little concern for you and your issues I would not take time and effort to post on this Forum. As a parent I know at first hand how badly depression can affect people. Changes in mood, warped irrational behaviour/thinking etc all can come into force.It would appear to me that if you are a type of person who is inclined towards depressive states you have one hell of a battle to maintain /balance your life.Depression can make you commit suicide, ruin your relationships , ruin you career and you have to learn to live with it. Its almost akin to an alcoholic, drug user or anybody with an addiction.So dear Alex, do not think I am being rude or making any comments to upset you .As I sted earlier I admire your courage in addressing your issues. Take care , Joe.
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