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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

Alex Mitchell wrote: View Post
further to add, I have been on these a year now. Its time to come off them, Aikido or no Aikido. I dont want to become dependent upon them. My question was this; is it against dojo ethics to train while using a legal drug/medication such as an anti-depressant. I think its safe to say it is ok, so long as said medication isnt affecting my concentration, focus or physical well being in a negative way. Thanks for all your input. I dont feel welcome here, some people are genuinelt kind and some are just downright rude. I guess Aikido doesnt teach social tact haha! Peace
Alex, I certainly hope you didn't find my posts rude. I was not criticizing your desire or need to do a taper; I was providing context that I thought might be helpful not necesarily to you but to others participating in this thread. This is an internet forum; there will be some thread drift and differences of opinion but frankly I never found anybody's tone on this thread objectionable. Maybe everybody isnt' all touchy feely sweetness and light but that's not who everybody is. As in life, we are here, all of us warts and all, doing the best we can.

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