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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

Alex Mitchell wrote: View Post
ok Mary, sorry I should have said taper instead. I used the word wean as that was all I could think of.

Janet, if I was to come off anti-depressants quickly and abruptly it would result in a rebound effect such as insomnia and mood swings. I know as I did it last year.

Joe, no I dont have much money but dont understand the insult but thanks anyways. There are people there who stayed on to do a 'leadership' programme which cost 4000 quid over 3 years. I got out of there as fast I could do after quickly realising I had been conned. I didnt know diddly squat about martial arts, probably like most people who join these kind of places, so therefore it was easy for them to sell me what they offer at a vastly overpriced sum. There are and were many members there,kids and adults alike who were on their 'leadership' bullshit. I am just glad I am away from them now, it was a costly mistake but thats all it was.
Dear Alex,
No insult was meant .What I was suggesting is that you were taken by the dojo you joined.You did finally realise the place was mugging you. it happens not just to you , we all get caught by somebody and when this happens , the common phrase is, Huh, you must have had more cash than sense.
It pays you to do research on anything to ensure you do not get taken for a mug.Would you buy a car/washing machine without checking the make or how reliable the item is?I think not, so tell me,
why do people such as you and the guys who paid 4000 quid for crap certificates. get fleeced?For 4 grand I might be able to get you a seat in the House of Commons.Just cross my palm with dosh and I will check with Mr Clegg/Cameron.Mind you if I do not succeed, no monies refunded.Cheers, Joe.
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