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Re: Skin IS Structure: Creating the Disc Video

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
And who's that other guy in the hakama? One of your students? He's all broken - no body integrity. Falling all over himself. Get him to create the disc, too.

There's ten-year old kids who play out my yard with sticks who make you guys look like amateurs.
Dear Dan,
As it happens he was not a student of mine. I only met him few days hence. May you be so kind to let me know where I can meet your ten year old kids? Would love to train with them.Fortunately I have no more vids on youtube , so mercifully I will not receive your critical/ constructive??? comments.
I trust we can beg to differ on certain issues. Good luck with your DIsc production.I would be honoured if you sent me set signed by yourself .I am sure it would change my life forever.
cheers, Joe.
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