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graham christian
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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

Yes Alex, sounds great. Sounds like you are indeed managing it well. I find myself admiring your progress..well done indeed.

As you so rightly put it 'gradually weaning yourself off of them' way to go!

Glad to see you find Aikido helps too in that process for I know it does. The concentration, the focus, excellent.

So yes I have heard of many times Aikido has helped with others doing similar to you now, I have also witnessed it.

I remember also only last year reading about or hearing about, can't remember which one, someone who suffered deep states of depression and suddenly had an idea. The idea was what could they do when in that state. They decided they would paint. They would use it, utilize it and found that was great therapy.

Now the reason that particular story stuck with me is because a great friend of mine did the same and that was not only her therapy but her eventual cure.

My friend who does Aikido was actually invited to show and demonstrate the benefits of using Aikido principles to help people with depression and various other 'mental ailments' quite recently.

So believe it or not practicing 'one point' helps all those conditions. Now take that into life and we have what you have have already discovered for yourself....focusing on one activity which you enjoy helps immensely.

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