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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

Graham; aware of my symptoms of my condition? You mean the medication I take or my depression or both? Yes I am, very aware. If anything I am somebody with a sensitivity to all drugs and medications and not overly keen on taking them anyways.

This current one I take, I have not had too bad side effects with and they have more or less dissapeared now altogether. Others anti-depressants I have had bad reactions too and stopped taking within a few days of useage. I take a low dose of this anti-depressant before I go to bed. I did find it made me drowsy or sluggish at one time during the first month but that has long since worn off. If I felt sluggish like I did there would be no way I would go to any dojo let alone Aikido. I do hope as we move into spring and then summer it might be time to wean myself off the medication albiet slowly this time and not rushed.

Regarding my depression, I actually find it very useful to go to Aikido for the focus it gives my mind if I am feeling depressed. I soon stop dwelling on negative feelings and focus instead on what I need to be doing in the dojo. Hence I said earlier that any kind of focused activity could be short-term beneficial to depression. Just wondered if it had helped anyone else. It could easily be knitting, baking a cake or making an Airfix model (thats one of those plastic scale model kits that you glue together and then paint to those of you not in UK)
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