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Re: Aikido IP/IS: Advanced Expositions in Centripetal Force

Mert, if you just showed me a video of that man doing aikido, I'd say he was around 2nd kyu. And the shihonage he does at 2:45 would fail him for even a 3th kyu test in a dojo with exacting standards.

I just watched a couple of videos - what little there is - with Mitsuteru Ueshiba (Waka-sensei).

I mean, honestly, these guys remind of old tribute bands who tour, with maybe one or two original members, under the guise and name of the original band. Or imagine the Beatles grandkids touring around as the Beatles.

Meanwhile, some real leading edge akidoka, like Tissier, who's getting his balls busted by the agreements between the French government and Aikikai, are hindered in their own development, and more importantly what they could give to others.

I mean - the average person in the park in China is doing taichi for free, and at a higher quality than the average aikidoist is - all while paying dues and pledging allegiance and loyalty.

Meanwhile, people open dojos with the blessings of Aikikai and set themselves up as McShoguns. And everyone's got their thumbs pressed down on the one below them. The top-down hierarchy is getting mighty weighty. And we can see it in a decline in quality as well as drawn-out, or even stalled, graduations.

The more people communicate, open up, and truly develop, the realization that the emperor has no clothes is going to dawn brightly. As we move forward into the next ten years or so, things are going to get interesting. And probably a lot more free and fun, too.

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