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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

I never cease to be amazed. Common sense indeed.

Alex, I see you have agreed already to tell your instructor. Nice to hear. Well done.

The fact that you took the advice of your past one is interesting. He was also a person with pieces of paper ie: qualifications. Sounds like also medically trained. Yet his advice was not so good. Just goes to show that if you assume because someones got the label that they are to be followed blindly then the results can be not as expected.

Peoples awareness of side effects of drugs, (yes, drugs for those above who misunderstand my use of the word medication) is unfortunately very low thus they just trust what they are told.

In this day and age especially it is common sense for any instructor to be aware of the effects of medical and any other drugs and also may I add the effects during training, the little flags to watch out for.

Otherwise you get such views as 'you just gotta get off them' or at the other extreme 'Don't worry it won't affect anything'.

Common sense says be aware of the potential difficulties and manage them. That's common sense.

You are aware already of symptoms of your particular condition and also aware of when it feels like they are being triggered or 'coming on' no? Well if any part of the training triggers such it is obvious that the instructor should be made aware of the fact or else he will assume something else and make it worse.

When it comes to drugs it is not a matter of 'no inhibiting or detrimental side effects' it is a matter of finding out what they are, when they are and what to do when they are.

Keeping it real. Way to go.

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