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Re: Aikido IP/IS: Advanced Expositions in Centripetal Force

Mert Gambito wrote: View Post
Can the large, redirecting, circular movements of the uke in Aikido be accomplished without cooperative footwork by the uke or without the IP/IS body skills developed through methods of training advocated by those like Dan and Ark? If so, how? If you feel Morihei Ueshiba had something else in play to deal with the dojo-stormers of the early 20th century, then please feel free to offer up your thoughts.
I just spent the weekend training with Ikeda Sensei and I am chewing on a question much like this.

What I can tell you for sure, though I cannot do it very well, is that you can use the IP part of Aiki to break your partner's balance in such a way that they do not tense up or ground themselves instinctively. This makes them easy to move with the external movement of your body.

I am not sure if you can use only internal power to make a classic Aikido waza happen. If you could, would it look the same or very different? I can't even do a smooth transition between kuzushi and technique right now. It takes me minutes of intense focus with an attentive partner to even get a little bit of tipping over, then as I activate my body the Aiki seems to evaporate.
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