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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

Thanks Mary. Yes indeed, said dojo was what has been described to me as "belt factory", called itself a "black belt academy". Overpriced contracts, multiple belts at considerable cost etc. I was gullible yes, I took it up as they were handing out leaflets near a supermarket, I got a call from them a few weeks later and I went for my 'free lesson' because I thought doing martial arts would help me with my stress levels. It didnt. Not at said dojo anyways. I feel I was sold martial arts as a way to deal with so much. Gullible suckers like myself get sucked in. Thankfully I got out after 4 months having realised after a month or two that I was being ripped off. Yes, the encouragement to come off medication was rash. I came off my anti-depressants quickly to find I had insomnia and awful mood swings. After 2 weeks I went back on them and my feeling was "its none of their business anymore" especially as there was no follow up to see if I was doing well or ok mentally without my anti-depressants.

I believe the word is "Mcdojo". Yes we have them in UK also. Martial arts as business first and foremost. I got out of there after Christmas(would have left earlier but was paying 100 a month) and havent looked back. The belts I paid 40 each for are worthless and should be thrown away. I came to Aikido with a fresh mindset to begin and learn a-new.
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