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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

sorry I didnt mean to start a thread war. I asked here first to get some input. Yes I agree I should tell my instructor if said medication was making me drowsy or slow but if that was the case I wouldnt even be bothering to turn up at dojo. As it is my medication doesnt make me drowsy at all during my time at dojo and as I mentioned earlier my focus is fine, just as it would be normally.

The reason I also asked as the first place I went to (not an Aikido dojo) emphasized me coming off medication altogether. Was that wise to encourage any student to do that? And why,why did it matter so much to that instuctor or particular dojo? The only reason I paid any attention to this instructor was the fact he also told me he was an A+E nurse. In retrospect I think what he said was reckless and ill-informed and that pressure should not have been put on me in first place. But as I said, that dojo was not an Aikido dojo.
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