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Dan Richards
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Re: Skin IS Structure: Creating the Disc Video

Hey Joe, I used various videos to show some principles, not techniques. In the Youtube comments section for that video, Corky Quakenbush adds:

Please understand that the point is not to "escape from nikyo." It is to demonstrate that the application of ki essential to nikyo as a compliance technique must be a constricted flow (the same as any attack), and as such it is subject to the principles of aiki. Aikidoka don't give their arm to an attacker as in this demonstration. We put ourselves in this vulnerable position to show that wrist locks are actually attacks. Again this is a demonstration of principle not teaching a technique.
Joe Curran wrote: View Post
You are quite right in your assertion that most aikidoka would not move like you illustrate in your Create a Disc vid.
I would agree. I demonstrate moving with a stable centered axis. Most aikidoists don't move like that.
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