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Re: Aikido IP/IS: Advanced Expositions in Centripetal Force

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
In looking at this video some comments........
  • In the uke-nage relationship illustrated here the uke has the mechanical advantage. Why would anyone want to apply nikyo up hill? against a straight arm?
  • Nage has elbow up and shoulder up….mechanical disadvantage…aside from energy flows….
  • For me as nage….if nikyo presents itself as part of the flow of things….I want mechanical advantage, I want to be above uke's hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder, not below them.
  • As uke being pinned I would rather rotate my hand/wrist/arm outward, clockwise if it is my right arm. Rotating clockwise in this case brings my pinned hand/wrist free of the torque being applied, brings my elbow into my body all the while extending and winding outward along a line from left to right while winding down on the opposite side left to right. Of course you have heard this before

Dear Gary,
Forget all the stuff about Energy Flow, the fact is that the two guys applying the waza
are not too conversant with the waza. There are serious flaws in their postures and the way they do the technique.Elbows are kept open , shoulders kept up as well,As you say the straight arm of Uke
is not conducive to nikkayo, I consider the nikkayo as shown in the vid would be virtually ineffective,
Cheers, Joe.
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