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Guy in the clubs sounds like a smeg head. anyhoo i think i know what your getting at jeff, i mean yeah in the states everything is someone elses fault which is a damn fool idea of philosophy and dangerous to boot. its like that guy here in england who became a peodophile because he had a brain tumor? i mean WTF!

anyhoo yeah i see that the more aggressive a person comes at you obviously the more aggressive the response, in aikido of course were taught to be calm and slow but if someone was intent on killing you to be honest you'd have a job stopping them alive, sometimes you cant stop people until you've gone to extremes (especialy if they're high or drunk) a sober person who comes at you if he gets flipped then he's gonna think twice about coming at you again and when you throw him again he's gonna say 'sod it' and bugger off, unless your really unlucky and its a nutter who's out for blood in which the best defence is a bloody good offence.

i mean yeah if someone is really after a fight at the end of the day they're gonna find it its just chance that it could be you, and if your the person inclined to think well i should be out there stopping them i have some spare tights, undies and a cape from all hallows eve last year...or you could join the police force.


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