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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

There is no need for aikido instructors to know most of the meds people take. Thyroid? Laxative? Diuretic? Antidiuretic? Heck, what qualifications does an aikido instructor even have in order to make any meaningful evaluation of this, much less have it be relevent to the training. Employers don't need to know, why do aikido instructors?
Things I would consider highly relevent would include
"I have a heart condition and take a drug that regulates my pulse rate. My doctor has cleared me for all forms of exercise and I can provide you with his name and number if you have any concerns...I haven't actually had any symptoms in two years but want to let you know and I do carry emergency nitro just in case of chest pain."
"I'm a diabetic. Sometimes I may need to go off the mat to check my blood sugar. Is there a dojo emergency kit in which I can leave some sugar tablets just in case? Do you have any questions or concerns about my training?"

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