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Re: Skin IS Structure: Creating the Disc Video

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
O.K. Thanks. One more....why the word 'decouple?'
OK, let's start with something simple. You teach aikido. How many people do you have to work with to have them keep their shoulders down and relaxed. It's very common - among not only beginners, but guys with a bit of muscle bulk to do a few predictable things: They lock their shoulders up - thus coupling the shoulder with their torso - and, the hold their breath - and then try to muscle their way through it. And, you, as I'm sure you do show them how to ....lower...relax...release the shoulders, in order to let the - whatever you call it - ki, power, energy, path - travel through their arms - rather than being blocked at the shoulder point. And it's that decoupling of the shoulder from the torso that allows the .....[insert ki-ish word of your choice] to flow.

It's the same with the feet and toes. coupled toes to feet are the same as coupled shoulders/arms to torso. If you stand feet flat on the floor, you're feet - under the pressure of your body are coupled to the floor. The flow of energy is blocked - at least enough to not allow for the power (directed, transformed energy) to move out of the body and into the ground.

By creating a point - big toe, other toes, one of two points on outer ball, and one on heel - take your pick - you decouple the body from the floor - creating a drain channel for the energy - which, at that point, has been transformed from energy into power.

Also, in the case of getting hit - rather than the vibrations of the hit remaining in the body - they can quickly be discharged into the ground.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you could explain it. I'm still working on a good model to explain the cones and decoupling. I'm getting there. LOL.... and I appreciate you're helping me pick this apart.

Dan Richards
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