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Dan Richards
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Skin IS Structure: Creating the Disc Video

I've got a video on - what I'm calling - the Disc. Here's an idea of an overview of the disc.

The outside circle is created by finding your natural hip rotation. The inside circle (with the black line on the CD) is created by finding your sacral rotation. The disc should be thin - say, less than 1/4" thick.

Between the disc and the skin, your body will show you everything you need to know in terms of proper alignment. This "kit" really only has three parts:

1. Skin is Structure
2. The Disc
3. The Cones (decoupling) - points on the feet. (later the fingers)

And that's it.

I also mention a bit about the use of "decoupling" with points on the feet - could be toes - and sometimes the heel - to drain and discharging energy from the body. Basically, getting the unwanted energy "flushed" rapidly by creating a vortex to a point on the ground.

Once we've created the disc, and have a mental and feeling image of it, then we begin to move it. I cover that in the video. And comments or questions are welcome, as this in a work-in-progress, and the input here is showing me how to better communicate these concepts. Cheers....
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