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Dan Richards
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Re: Aikido IP/IS: Advanced Expositions in Centripetal Force

Guys, here's a quicky video shot several years ago. The goal was to punch each other in the mouth. It doesn't look like much - which can be deceptive - because neither of us was giving the other person anything to hit. The guy on the left has been training most of his life.

At 1:08 I have two guys grab me, and show the difference between trying to move while I'm loaded with energy - using muscle, and then effortlessly moving after I discharge the energy.

This isn't that big of a deal. People seem to want to see something that looks huge and dramatic, but when it doesn't look like much, they think, "Oh, that's nothing." And they're right. There's nothing to it. And that's exactly the point. I'm not doing anything to anyone.

Dan Richards
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