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Re: Understanding "decoupling"

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I call your attention to ... 9:50
Yes, he says "centered on the heal." The heal is also another drainage point. And I emphasize point. Watch his kicks he demonstrates 2:00 - look how much energy he discharges. It's like a cloud around him. It's that very energy that you don't want in the body.

This actually has nothing to do with getting power. The power's already there. This all about discharging the power - getting rid of it. Flushing the toilet. Decoupling - with small points - on the feet - and on the fingers - which create powerful vortexes that literally suck the energy out.

If we don't create them, then we get energy backed up. It's interesting that when someone does something not very well, we call it "shitty." And funny how we call something good - we say it's done "well."

Another way to look at it - although it's ultimately contorted and requires special shoes, but it works - is the ballet dancer up on their toe - spinning on a single toe. It's even called "on point."

I'll just add this; although I don't want to get too much into it at this point; the creation of vortexes change spacial relationships. Including the 3-D of height, length, and width. But also the 4th spacial dimension of "time." These movements - by coming from a magnetic core field - change the fabric of the space around them, including time. Yes, you bend time.

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