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Re: Understanding "decoupling"

Analogies or metaphors need to be correct if they are going to do useful work to extend valid concepts. But this -- just isn't:

The earth has no power. It's receptive. All power in the earth comes from the sun. . Even power that's in the earth, came/comes from the sun..... Even power that's in the earth, came/comes from the sun.
While the sun is a mighty contributor of power -- the earth generates a great deal of power in the form of heat from internal radioactive decay (~30 TW give or take) and -- more critically for this conversation -- about half of that amount of power in the form of structural energies (~16 TW +/-). (TW is a trillion watts, -- which to scale it, is the power of 10 billion 100W lightbulbs -- and the total electrical generating capacity of the entire United States is about 1TW.)

Structural energies in the earth are formed by heat imbalances, phase changes, by discontinuities in stresses, and the inherently contradictory stress shears between the core and various layers out to and including the crust. And of course, Gravity. And also tidal friction (which is far more caused by the Moon than the Sun).

These energies get released in the plastic creep movements of tectonics, and in the sudden energetic vibrations of earthquakes -- and there is where you should be concentrating your conceptual analogies on this topic -- as analogous forms of dynamics are present in the various expressions of these structural power principles as applied to martial forms of action.



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